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Top albums: Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2020

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Thelonious Monk Palo Alto Impulse!  
2 Cinephonic Les Paradis Artificiels Marlow Records (on Bandcamp) Canadian
3 Rich Aucoin United States Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian
4 Nicolas Repac Dancestral - EP    
5 Dan Penn Living On Mercy The Last Music Company  
6 Gerardo Frisina Moving Ahead    
7 Gordon Koang Unity Album Music In Exile (2020) Australia  
8 HemlockHotel HemlockHotel Album Release date October 9, 2020 Canadian
9 Julian Taylor The Ridge   Canadian
10 Kathleen Edwards Total Freedom Dualtone Canadian
11 Siti Muharam Siti of Unguja On The Corner  
12 Sugar Ray and the Bluetones Too Far From The Bar Severn Records, Inc.  
13 Blakdenim Usual Suspects: Season III Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian
14 Brian Blain I'm Not Fifty Anymore Brian Blain Canadian
15 Dan Kelly Carry on Through   Canadian
16 Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite 100 Years Of Blues Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc.  
17 Fuck the Facts Pleine Noirceur Noise Salvation Canadian
18 Gee Wunder Impact   Canadian
19 Jim Bryson Single Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian
20 Krista Hartman Transcend   Canadian
21 Maceo Parker Soul Food - Cooking With Maceo The Funk Garage / Mascot Label Group  
22 Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu Renegade Breakdown Ninja Tune - 2020 Canadian
23 Meridian Brothers Cumbia Siglo XXI Album Les Disques Bongo Joe (2020) Switzerland  
24 New Cool Collective Trippin' Redux (feat. Tony Allen) - EP    
25 Season II Season II Ep.1   Canadian
26 Siti Muharam Siti of Unguja (Romance Revolution on Zanzibar)    
27 Sufjan Stevens The Ascension Asthmatic Kitty Records - 2020  
28 The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori Single   Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Friday Drive Trevor Walker Into October Fall Week Dos
2 Canadian Spaces Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White Good Lovelies (Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore), Julian Taylor
3 Saturday Morning Alan Surmachynski Walking miles in my mind
4 Heavy Friends Jas Nasty w. SEIIIZI Guest mix from Seiiizi live from her studio!
5 The Deep Blue Jon Degan breaks and therapy
6 This Island Earth Rob Bitschofsky So new. So groovy. So delicious.
8 Whatever's Cool With Me Ryan Bresee The Everyone Is Making Rap Albums Episode
9 Friday Nite Truck Stop Ray Harris & Lefty! Hour #1 - “crazy” songs for these crazy times! Hour #2 - Brand new stuff from Bella White, The Unrighteous Brothers, Jonny Porter and Jonathan Tyler!
10 Hexon Bogon Adriana Ciccone The earth's tremolo is reverberating under my feet.