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Top albums: Jul 29 – Aug 4, 2013

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Joel Martin The Tipping Point   Canadian New
2 Asking Alexandria From Death To Destiny   New
3 Jayme Stone The Other Side of the Air Indie Canadian New
4 the NO MEN Scraps of Reality 2013, Topplers New
5 (At Babylon Saturday night) Slim Cessna's Auto Club SCAC 102 An Introduction for Young and Old Europe   New
6 Amanda Rheaume Keep A Fire   Canadian New
7 Buddy Guy Rhythm & Blues Silvertone Records New
8 End Of You demo   New
9 Eugene Hideaway Bridges Roots and Vines Armadillo Music Limited New
10 Gemini Syndrome LUX   New
11 Shock Once Denied   Canadian New
12 The Balconies Fast Motions   Canadian New
13 Victor Sierra Yesterday's Tomorrow   New
14 Basalisk Basalisk   Canadian New
15 Basia Bulat Tall Tall Shadow Secret City Canadian New
16 Megadeth Super Collider   New
17 Priya Shah Live   Canadian New
18 R W Haller Wasted Time MAPL Canadian New
19 Sacred Mother Tongue Out From The Darkness   New
20 Shad Flying Colours Black Box Canadian New
21 Still Winter Hills Late Night Souls   Canadian New
23 The Kendall Wall Band The Way We Was 47 Records Canadian New
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 The Cloud Katarina Protsack Interview with Ari Paunonen of Monstercat
2 Welcome To My World Kim and Shelley UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities
3 Ottawa Live Music Charles Anthony Atticus live in the studio
4 The Deep Blue KID EYE Dubstep, glitch hop & trap style
5 Debaser Rocky LaLune Open Studio with Swollen Eyes
6 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver over the many humps we go...
8 The Switchup Ean Skizzle, ITSOJohnny, Bobby B BA$$
9 Aboriginal CKCU Looee Okalik Inuit music to celebrate the bowhead whale hunt
10 Canadian Spaces Mike Regenstreif and Chris White Sneezy Waters