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Top albums: Dec 10 – Dec 16, 2012

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Great Lakes Swimmers New WIld Everywhere   Canadian New
2 Willie Buck Cell Phone Man Delmark Records New
3 Alex Silas Songs for Lovers and Fighters   Canadian New
4 CAN The Lost Tapes 2012, Mute, originally recorded in 1975 New
5 Within Temptation single   New
6 Back-Talk Organ Trio Black Flower Home Brew Label Canadian New
7 Deanna Bogart Pianoland Blind Pig New
8 Eric Gilmore Live In studio "A"   Canadian New
9 Arthur McGregor Christmas Pudding   Canadian New
10 Born & Raised demo   New
11 Born & Raised Ghosts of Tomorrow   New
12 Diamond Rings Free Dimensional Secret City/Astralwerks Canadian New
13 Finest Kind Christmas Pudding   Canadian New
14 HILOTRONS (Mike Dubue) live in studio   Canadian New
15 John Tchicai John Tchicai Storyville New
16 Paul Winter Sextet Count Me In Living Music New
17 Psychostick The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride   New
18 Russ Kelley Crazy Shades of Blue Ark Road Music Productions Canadian New
19 Wilie Buck Cell Phone Man Delmark Records New
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Canadian Spaces Chopper McKinnon David Francey, Jimmy Rankin, Ray Montford, James Farr, Wendy Moore, Arthur McGregor
2 Carleton Music Showcase Dave and Vivian - Segment by Jordan Zalis Twisted Planet
3 This Island Earth Vincent Strohmaier Traditional and Modern From Around the World
4 Tinig Pinoy Regina Sosing OPM requests, interview with Fe Norris, Guest Becks Galapate Burke
5 Mar's Local Connection Chris White and Kim Kilpatrick Upcoming concerts
6 Drunken Master Review Drunken Master Review
7 Streetlight Sounds Ali Alikhani Alex Silas interview and Live Jam
8 Pure Radio Kaos BOBBY M MOTHERS IN PARIS 1968
9 Won't Go Quietly CO-OP Dave Duane
10 The Deep Blue Jon Degan Trance