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Top albums: Apr 18 – Apr 24, 2011

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 TRUSTCompany Dreaming In Black and White    
2 Fallon Bowman Human, Conditional   Canadian
3 Marcia Ball Roadside Attractions Alligator  
4 Paul Simon So Beautiful Or So What    
5 Bruce Murdoch Sometimes I wonder Why the World Indie Canadian
6 Doug MacLeod Brand New Eyes Reference Recordings  
7 David Francy Late Edition Laker Music Canadian
8 Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boy Band demo    
9 Suzie Vinnick Me N' Mabel   Canadian
10 Various Artists Paper Bag Records is True Blue Paper Bag Records Canadian
11 Almas Liquidas Almas Liquidas    
12 Ana Miura The Kindness of Years Independent Canadian
13 Chad VanGaalen Diaper Island Sub Pop Canadian
14 Colin Stetson History Warfare Vol 2 Judges Constellation Canadian
15 Enoch Kent Take a Trip With Me Borealis Canadian
16 Greg Mashinter Demo Indie Canadian
17 Ha ha Tonka Death of a Decade    
18 Helado Negro Canta Lechuza Asthmatic Kitty  
19 Low C'mon Sub Pop  
20 No Fly List Live in Studio   Canadian
21 Prosper & GPM B.A.D. Blessed & Delivered Reloaded   Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release