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Roots & Rhythms is a roots music program that swings, jumps, or rocks.
Hosted by: Lloyd Smiley and Renny G
Airs: Every Wednesday from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Coming up at 8:00 PM on July 26th, 2017:
IN THE KEY OF EH! Hank Who? HANK DAVIS, that's who!- Canadian country rockabilly legend Davis recorded rock & roll, C&W, blues, folk & gospel for multiple labels for over five decades. Tune in and turn on to the music of a hidden gem: Hank Davis.

Roots and Rhythms

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jul. 19, 2017 Retro Renny CRAZY RHYTHM COVERS - Montreal's swing-a-billy group, the CRAZY RHYTHM DADDIES, delved into old & obscure Jazz, Western Swing, Country Music & Blues. Hear the original songs that inspired this band & hear the Crazy Rhythm Daddies' inspirational covers.
Jul. 12, 2017 Retro Renny RAY'S ROOTS -Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners were influenced by Blues, Jazz, Western Swing, Rhythm & Blues & Rockabilly. Hear the original versions of songs that inspired the band and their cover versions.
Jul. 5, 2017 Allan B. Wigney Rock and roll Canadian style!
Jun. 28, 2017 Retro Renny The Biology Of The Boogie
Jun. 21, 2017 Retro Renny First Nations notions on National Aboriginal Day. Music and poetry about the plight of indigenous people by Billy Childish, Excene Cervenka, Link Wray, Three O'clock Train, Buffy Saint-Marie and more. Not your typical Roots & Rhythms
Jun. 14, 2017 Retro Renny Will the real Charles Calhoun please stand up. The music of Jesse Stone a.k.a. Charles Calhoun: singer, pianist, band leader, music publisher, arranger, writer of Swing, R&B & Rock & Roll.

Roots & Rhythms started out in 1997 as a roots music program (older blues, country, r&b and rock(abilly), with some contemporary jazz and world music thrown in as well. Most programs were devoted to a specific artist, label, city or genre. Since then, the core concept has remained the same, but has been broadened to include some pop and more mix-type programs blending eclectic choices across genre and time periods. Throughout, the emphasis has been on music that swings, jumps, or rocks.