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News, culture and entertainment from Belgrade to Bytown.
Hosted by: Boba Borojevic
Airs: Every Monday from 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Monday's Encounter

Date Host Highlight On Demand
May. 22, 2017 Mihajlo Kos We play Novak Djokovic's favourite songs for his birthday.
May. 15, 2017 Mihajlo Kos Djokovic on the hunt for a new coach.
May. 1, 2017 Boba Serbian rock and folk scene
Apr. 24, 2017 Mihajlo Kos Serbian New Wave
Apr. 17, 2017 Mihajlo Kos Piloti expose

“Monday's Encounter” gives you a unique sense of Serbian music and culture. Our show brings news, views and analysis about Serbia, the Balkans and world affairs that one won't find in the "mainstream" media. It also brings the news from the Serbian community in Ottawa and Canada.

Serbian radio program “Monday’s Encounter” is designed to correct in its own unique way the current trend of public commentaries about Serbia and Serbs that tend not to understand events but to construct a propagandistic version of the Balkan rivalries.

This half an hour program has been running on CKCU 93.1 FM every Monday at 6 PM since April 1, 2002 and is offered in Serbian and in English language. It is intended not only for those of Serbian decent but to everyone interested in broaden its knowledge about the culture, customs and history of Serbian people.

"Monday's Encounter" has been produced by Boba Borojevic , Mihajlo Kos and Ivana Borojevic.

We welcome new ideas, your feedback and suggestions. Please contact Boba Borojevic via e-mail: