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"Midnight in a Perfect World", hosted by Carlos "El Niño Los" Mendoza and Aslam , is a Trip-hop oriented show, featuring live mixes and more.
Hosted by: Aslam Yehia and Carlos Mendoza
Airs: Alternate Sundays from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM
Next broadcast: June 25th, 2017

Midnight in a Perfect World

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 11, 2017 DJ Slama & El Niño Los Midnight in a ******* World
May. 28, 2017 El Niño Los, DJ Slama Artist Tejhaun is here live in the studio, promoting his new single "Questions"! Tune in tonight for some jammin' tracks!
May. 14, 2017 El Niño Los, DJ Slama This week's episode features local talent with a special guest host, MELO. Also on tonight's show, We got some comedians coming in that are finishing their tour in Ottawa's comedy scene. Big things poppin yall and don't forget where you came from!1 GO SEN

Trip-hop music originated in the mid 80's-early 90's in Bristol, UK.  The genre can be described as a blend between 90's sample based hip-hop and electronic music.  "Midnight in a Perfect World" features Trip-hop music, live DJ mixes, musical guests, and more.


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