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Local and other musics surrounding... with Evan McKay
Hosted by: Evan McKay
Airs: Every Monday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

The New Local

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jul. 17, 2017 DJ Emcee K Gaw-rag Rawk 5ever
Jul. 10, 2017 DJ Emcee K Broken Land of Social Talk Scene
Jul. 3, 2017 DJ Emcee Kay Things and stuff, some local, some not
Jun. 26, 2017 DJ Emcee Kay Monday Music Montage Mania
Jun. 19, 2017 DJ Emcee Kay So humid/​/​ So Sweaty/​/​ So Summer
Jun. 12, 2017 DJ Emcee K Later Days (⌐■_■)


Every Monday morning from 11 AM until noon (11 until 12:30 for most of the summer quite likely), Evan McKay showcases some of the best in local and national music. The New Local plays new and emerging Canadian artists hoping to shine some light on yet to be discovered Canadian talent.

Songs are chosen by Evan McKay on a weekly basis from CKCU submissions and various other musical mediums (BandCamp, Soundcloud, etc.)

Illustration by David Lee


Submissions and suggestions are always encouraged!

Send me an email!

Or Send physical submissions directly to the station!

Room 517 University Centre
1125 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1S 5B6