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From melodic to not even close: Electroacoustic and computer-based sounds.
Hosted by: Ralph Hopper
Airs: Every Monday from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Coming up at 12:30 PM on May 29th, 2017:
Music today from the Cache 2004 and 2005 CDs as well as works by Jean Piche, Pete Stollery, Paul Lansky and more. Lots to enjoy today between 12.30 and 2pm.

Acoustic Frontiers

Date Host Highlight On Demand
May. 29, 2017 Ralph Hopper
May. 22, 2017 Ralph Hopper Manuella Blackburn, Bernard Parmegiani, Orestis Karamanlis, Ana Dall’Ara Majek, Randal Smith, Robert Normandeau
May. 15, 2017 Ralph Hopper YeeOn Lo, Chris Herbert, Valerio Sannicandro, Alan Gleeson, Robert Normandeau, Abril Padilla
May. 8, 2017 Ralph Hopper Andrew Babcock, Barry Schrader, Charles Quevillon
May. 1, 2017 Ralph Hopper Roger Doyle, Joseph L. Anderson, Paul Dolden, John Oliver, Ambrose Seddon
Apr. 24, 2017 Ralph Hopper James O’Callaghan, Erick d’Orion/​ Martin Tetrault, Ida Toninato, Sleeping on Lotus Blossoms, Robert Normandeau, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Apr. 17, 2017 Ralph Hopper A special program today to air Sand by Ragnar Grippe in it's full length. It was created in 1977 but has just been reissued by Dais Records on vinyl to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the initial LP release.

For a very different radio experience, tune in and have a listen to electroacoustic and computer-based sounds that cutting edge composers have been creating since the mid-1900's with the use of traditional acoustic instruments as well as those newly invented - sounds that are acoustic, electroacoustic, acusmatic, computer processed, purely electronic, field recordings, and more.  From melodic to not even close.  Music that varies from easy on the ears to difficult and indescribable.  Unzip your ears each Monday.


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