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Program This Island Earth: From Mississippi to Mali and Beyond
Hosted ByRon Steeds
Date1:00 PM on Feb. 28th, 2010
To close out February This Island Earth celebrates Black History Month with a musical trip from Mississippi to Mali and beyond...

Artist Album Track Label
Annoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale Breathing Under Water Slither (Theme) Angel 
It's been said that the difference between the Blues and Gospel Music is that with Gospel Music the singer is singing to God and with the Blues the singer is singing to the devil...
Ensemble El-Moukhadrami Songs of the Griots Beyt Biedh - Chant Blanc Institute du Monde Arabe 
Anonymous Tuareg Elder Secret Museum of Mankind: Music of North Africa 1925-1948 Yali (War Song) Yazoo 
Ensemble El-Moukhadrami Songs of the Griots Ayni Yana - Moi, Mes Yeux Institute du Monde Arabe 
Robert Pete Williams Country Spirituals I'm Glad My Mother Teached Me to Pray  
The straight and natural blues with an eye toward the source... West Africa and then the archetypal Malian blues man - Boubacar Traore
Corey Harris Mississippi to Mali Njarka Rounder 
Alvin Youngblood Hart Big Mama's Door Big Mama's Door Sony 
Boubacar Traore Kar Kar Kevalle Sterne's Music 
Senegalese musician Gue'el Kumba came to the American south - to Oxford Mississippi and has combined both cultures.
Afrissippi Fulani Journey Bafal Knock Down South 
Afrissippi Alliance Singha Hill Country Records 
Afrissippi Fulani Journey Njulli / Fulani Journey Knock Down South 
In the same way Ali Farka Toure brought West African Blues to the world, Tinariwen has brought Desert Blues to the world. Here are four tracks from three of their four recordings.
Tinariwen Amassakoul Amassakoul "N" Tenere World Village 
Tinariwen Aman Iman (Water is Life) Toumast World Village 
Tinariwen Amassakoul Chert Boghassa World Village 
Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions Tahult In (My Situations) Outside Music 
Here are two other Desert Blues bands...
Etran Finatawa Introducing Etran Finatawa Ronde World Music Network 
Tartit Ichichila Aitma World Network 
Etran Finatawa Desert Crossroads Tekana Riverboat 
The late great Ali Farka Toure brings West African Blues to the world... and his oldest son - Vieux Farka Toure
Ali Farka Toure Savane Ledi Coumbe World Circuit 
Ali Farka Toure Radio Mali Hani Rykodisc 
Vieux Farka Toure Fondo Cherie Le Six Degrees 
Here are a few more African musicians who have achieved notoriety because of Toure's success around the planet...
Abdel Garir Salim Desert Blues Vol.1 - Ambiance du Sahara Almaryood Network 
Oumou Sangare Desert Blues Vol.1 - Ambiances du Sahara Saa Sagni Network 
Lobi Traore Desert Blues Vol.2 - Reves Anunka Ben World Network 
Didi Mint Abba Desert Blues Vol.1 - Ambiances du Sahara Ashabab Ydie Shabab Aldual Netwrok 
And more...
Majid Bekkas Mogador Barma Soussandi Igloo 
Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions Tenalle Chegret Outside Music 
Vieux Farka Toure Fondo Sarama Six Degrees 
Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions Ere Tasfata Adounia Outside Music 
Vieux Farka Toure Fondo Mali Six Degrees 
Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions Imidiwan Afrik Temdam Outside Music