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Live performances on the air in the CKCU studios with no taped delay and open telephone lines.
Hosted by: Charles Anthony, David Pratt, Phil Bennett, Dana Somayaji and David Sklubal
Airs: Every Thursday from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Ottawa Live Music

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Mar. 23, 2017 Little Dave SparkleSaurus
Mar. 16, 2017 Charles & Lil Dave EniBeats Live in Studio
Mar. 9, 2017 Little Dave and Charles Anthony Jamie Gia
Mar. 2, 2017 Lil Dave Blve Hills (Past Episode) - Live in the Studio
Feb. 23, 2017 Lil Dave, Danny Church of Trees - Live in the Studio
Feb. 16, 2017 Lil Dave, Danny, Charles Blve Hills - Live in the Studio

Ottawa Live Music is a program where musicians perform live on the air for your listening pleasure.  Each episode is dedicated to a different local or independent act that we’ve invited to the CKCU studio to play their music and answer a few questions.  We feature a wide variety of genres, and we welcome performers of all levels of experience in our community.  Every show is a unique unedited live experience where anything can happen!

Your feedback is an important part of the program.  To join the discussion, visit and click the ‘Add Your Voice’ link on the right side of the website.

A dedicated team of volunteers that includes Charles Anthony, Dana Somayaji, Phil Bennett, David Pratt, and David Sklubal work on-air and behind the scenes in order to make this program happen.


If you’d like to perform on the program or share your thoughts, please get in touch: