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A general music show playing as-close-to-hits as the CRTC will allow: Indie rock, rap, electronic, folk
Hosted by: Ryan Bresee
Airs: Every Thursday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Whatever's Cool With Me

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 22, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Squirrels in the Attic Episode
Jun. 15, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Graven Episode
Jun. 8, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Dirty Nil Episode
Jun. 1, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Piano Episode
May. 25, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Anthems Episode
May. 18, 2017 Ryan Bresee The Kaytranada Episode
May. 11, 2017 Ryan Bresee & JP Torunski The JP is Back Episode

I've been doing Whatever's Cool With Me since August 1997. I did an overnighter before that. The name of the show comes from a song title by one of my favourite bands, Dinosaur Jr. The theme music you hear at the beginning of every show is an instrumental version of Infinite's song 360 Degrees.

I do a general music show and I take requests. I play indie rock, hip hop,  electronic, jazz, blues, classical, reggae, folk and world music. I'll play just about anything as long as it sounds good and isn't really offensive. You can call in with requests or e-mail them:

Follow on Twitter: @coolckcu

Check my website: