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Asking For A Friend
Tuesday September 8th, 2020 with Susan Johnston
Justice for Peace #BlackLivesMatter with Wise Atangana. Resilient Cities with Stephane Presseault (Synapcity), Keren Tang, James Chan, and Sophia Horwitz.

Wise Atangana describes his musical style as “Afro beat hip-hop fusion.” Through his music he replicates what his grandparents did – shares his stories, his beliefs and his experiences -- as a Black man, Cameroonian, an African and a new Canadian. In solidarity with Black artists and activists around the world, Wise Atangana has created a new album: Black Lives Matter, Justice for Peace. Wise has produced 1,000 CDs in order to raise funds for the movement and contribute to it. This Friday afternoon, he’s hosting a Facebook Live event from 3:30pm to 4pm. The Afro-Black Cultural Centre will feature a professional audio-video production studio and a collaborative workspace where the next generation of young Black Canadians will strengthen their cultural identity and develop creative, artistic and entrepreneurial skills. Synapcity is an Ottawa-based organization that brings people and institutions together to open mindsets, share ideas, understand perspectives and collaborate on initiatives to improve our city, without political agenda or bias. Synapcity does this by facilitating inclusive conversations that address the challenges and opportunities we face as a city. Most recently, the team at Synapcity hosted a 3-part series exploring how COVID-19 has changed the civic culture of Canadian cities. We'll hear from Stephane Presseault, who moderated the conversation, plus Keren Tang (Edmonton), James Chan (London) and Sophia Horwitz (Halifax). Curious about Synapcity and their work? Here's the link to sign up for their newsletter:
Justice for Peace
Wise Atangana - Justice for Peace #BlackLivesMatter Canadian New
Better World
Wise Atangana - Justice for Peace #BlackLivesMatter Canadian New
Kellylee Evans (Rise Ashen remix) - Northern Friction 5 Canadian
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