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Asking For A Friend
Asking For A Friend

Asking For A Friend
Tuesday August 25th, 2020 with Susan Johnston
Deep dive: we'll immerse ourselves in Karen Houle's "The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology". Kathleen Edwards. Logan Staats. Sarah Harmer. Danielle Allard. LAL. Summersets.

"How might we grasp the natural history of a river in a way that transcends mere data and description? How might we chronicle the way in which a living consortium of geology, weather, plants, animals and people has impacted, and been impacted by, the existence of a particular watercourse over the passage of time?" A deep dive into Karen Houle's: The Grand River Watershed: A Folk Ecology (Gaspereau Press:, plus new music from Kathleen Edwards, LAL, and Summersets, and others.
Take it with you when you go
Kathleen Edwards - Total Freedom Canadian New
Fear of the Flame
Logan Staats - Fear of the Flame Canadian
St. Peter’s Bay
Sarah Harmer - Are You Gone Canadian
Danielle Allard - Passing Notes Canadian
Wildflowers (Ziibiwan Remix)
LAL - LAL Remix Album Canadian New
Anywhere You Go
Summersets - Small Town Saturday Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Susan Johnston (host)
So so excited to share this with you!

10:15 PM, August 24th, 2020