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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday October 29th, 2017 with Colin Henein
Funding Drive Show #2

The night they moved the house
Ten strings and a goat skin - Corbeau - Self Canadian
Harvest of the homeland
Skipinnish - The seventh wave - Self
Paddy Whack / Coffee Bridge / Spirit of Whiskey
Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Alistair Anderson & Northlands - White meadow
Winter winds
Trad arrr - Further tales of love, death and treachery - Hedge of Sound
Tourne la manivelle
Mélisande [électrotrad] - Les millésimes - Borealis Canadian
The captain's apprentice
Jim Moray - Skulk - NIAG
Gallant Hussar
Eliza Carthy - Rough music - Topic
Jayme Stone - Jayme Stone's folklife - Borealis
Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs - Nicolas Pellerin et les Grands Hurleurs - Self Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Colin Henein (host)
Hi folks, concert update per end of show, got confused about the weeks, and concert I was thinking of was members of Battlefield Band, and was actually last week while I was out of town. Sorry for getting your hopes up! However, Cape Breton Session has upcoming events with Dara Smith and Adam Young from Cape Breton. Square Dance/Ceilidh: Nov 10 7:30 pm $20, or $10 for youth. House Concerts ($20) Nov 11: 7:30pm near Bank/Hunt Club. Nov 12: 7:30 in Kanata. Workshops ($25) Nov 11 2-4pm with Dara Smith-MacDonald Nov 11 2-4pm with Adam Young Nov 12 2-4pm Slooow jam Info available from Beth McGillivray at

1:11 PM, October 29th, 2017