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The Groove
Tuesday May 25th, 2010 with Elorious Cain

So suddenly load! She could hear the waves of the ocean all encompassing! Suddenly Emily finds herself running through the grassy fields of that 'private island' with Charmaine and her kite catching the wind! It is so sunny! So incredibly sunny and brilliant! And Emily has all the energy in the world to chase behind Charmaine. Charmaine keeps laughing and running faster. Emily finally corner Charmaine at the edge of a small cliff. Charmaine smiles with a loving sparkle in her eyes saying, "I love you so much Emily! I'm so happy you found me.." Emily remembered how much she had missed her and worried about her. Emily suddenly asked her, "Did you show your mother all of the pamphlets we gave you about our New York?" Charmaine just laughed and shook her head no, Emily suddenly feels a sharp debilitating pain in her chest. Then everything goes black, as if somebody just turned the lights out.. Louder than she has ever heard it! The classic disco beat is vibrating through her whole body yet she can so clearly hear the female vocals repeating, "Sun Sun Sun"
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