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Not Normal Festival
March 27-29
Possible Worlds & Cinqhole, 708G Somerset St. W. & 5b Fairmont Ave.
Price: Tickets $17-$32

Low Noise Productions and Possible Worlds present...

Not Normal Festival
March 27 - 29

Electronic and Experimental audio and visuals - locations the new Possible Worlds space in Hintonburg and the new Cinqhole

artists confirmed

visuals -

VJ Cinetik
Annie Socoria
Hard Science

audio -

Vertigo Inc. [MTL]

Compactor [NYC]

Zachery Gray [London Ont]

Corodesion [TO]

BP Hughes [Peterborogh]

Stan K [MTL]

Blanking [TO]

Jared Epp [TO]

Hybrid [HF] Frequency [TO]



produits dérivés

Wellington Sanipe

Au Vol

Transmit vs Intangerines



Golden Eyes

Klapshmock -


DJ Nicholas Optional
DJ Mama Shu

Artists info and links to come!

Festival passes available online

Early Bird $17 (online until Jan 12)
Advance price $25 (online until Feb 28)
Festival pass full price $32 (online until March 27)
Day pass rates TBD