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Delorca / Sun Brimmer / Death Metal Witch
9:00 PM on Saturday Dec. 15th
Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar, 1073 Bank St.

Montreal-based dark folk artist Delorca is the solo project of Australian singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer, Simone Pitot. The sound is a conversation between the romance of the gothic and the terror of the human condition; soaring ethereal vocals meet electronic darkness; intimate emotion meets stark power. Delorca presents the genre of witchcore at its essence and revels in the beauty of the unknown.

Sun Brimmer is the solo project of Matt Lee (of Devil Eyes, Leamers and Ghost Vines fame). In Sun Brimmer, Matt Lee performs melancholic folk songs that speak to the darkness that simmers deep under the Canadian landscape.

Death Metal Witch. is a music project created by Austin Evans, a multi-instrumentalist from Ottawa, Ontario. The music aims to show people the beauty behind instrumental music by marrying together various genres such as latin jazz and metal into an easily digestible, harmonious experience for both new and experienced listeners alike.