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Ottawa community news and perspectives of Asian culture in English and Mandarin Chinese.
Hosted by: Camilla Liu, Wally Ye, Cindy Tian, Evelyn Tu and Yuanyuan Liang
Airs: Alternate Mondays from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Next broadcast: July 24th, 2017

China Album

Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jul. 10, 2017 shirley Cantonese song
Jun. 26, 2017 shirley graduation season

China Album is an award-winning radio program that hosted in English and Mandarin Chinese. Within this show, you will explore the latest community news of Ottawa and learn various perspectives of Asian culture and arts. Let’s tune in to China Album on every second Monday from 6:30p.m. to 7:00p.m. on CKCU 93.1FM! ☺ 

中国印象China Album, 一个荣获2012年度全国社区广播大奖(National Community Radio Awards)的优质节目,将与您一同了解最新的渥太华当地资讯;讨论最贴近华人的生活热门话题;感受东方文艺的源远流长。周一傍晚6:30-7:00,中国印象欢迎您的驻足聆听!