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#GetCurious about the stories of Ottawa's people, places, things and sounds
Hosted by: Erik Stolpmann
Airs: Every Monday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Date Host Highlight On Demand
Jun. 19, 2017 Candace Candacocity
Jun. 12, 2017 Stolp Right Now
Jun. 5, 2017 Erik Stolpmann
May. 22, 2017 Erik Stolpmann
May. 15, 2017 Erik Stolpmann Getting curious about things happening in Ottawa!

On the surface, Curiocity (pronounced Curi-OH-city) is a spin on the word “curiosity” and a combination of the words “curio” (a rare, unusual, or intriguing object) and “city.” Additionally, the O can also represent the city of Ottawa, while the “curios” would be the people of Ottawa—or, in regards to community radio, the voices. In other words, the primary content on the show is a curation of perspectives from throughout Ottawa.

If you are interested in providing tips about people, places or things that may pique my curiosity and/or musical direction, do not hesitate to connect with me: :)